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Precious Stones

AvalonTrade Limited offers a vast array of choice when it comes to precious stones, positioning our self as a leader within the circles of influence, we have direct access and JV agreements with several private mines around the world dealing with precious and semi precious stones. Traditionally, gemstone trade has happened in the exclusive circles of certain families. A few families in Belgium, Holland, New York, Israel, Africa, Brazil and India have been involved in most of the trade of large stones. Lately, these closed circles have (by necessity) started to open up to outside investors who are willing to part with hundreds of thousands - if not millions - of dollars in exchange for a piece of the action. The main reason why new financiers are being let into gemstone circles is that more stones than ever before are being found and, as a result, buyers and traders need more money to continually finance the purchase of stones. With our qualified in-house gemmologists, AvalonTrade Limited is now a key player within the market with a wealth of clients whom both supply and buy. We are able to offer a wide range of gemstones from rubies, emeralds, sapphires and of course diamonds.

AvalonTrade Limited's predominant traded stone are diamonds, for investors looking for an alternative safe haven to gold, diamonds could be an interesting choice. Demand for these gemstones continues to grow and, like gold, diamonds have been considered a store of value for centuries. Overall, diamond consortium De Beers expects growth in the global demand for rough diamonds to reach a new record this year, based on robust demand from China, India and other Asian emerging markets. As populations in the Pacific Rim have moved up to middle class status and new wealth, the popularity of luxury goods has surged. This includes a new love affair for diamonds. De Beers expects China, India and the Middle East to account for 55% of global diamond demand by 2016. The firm also expects that strong performance in the key U.S. market will contribute to that growth.

All AvalonTrade Limited traded diamonds comply with United National Kimberley Regulations and all international shipments come with Kimberley certification.


The diamond is the most popular of all gemstones. The diamond is the highest valued precious stone, which takes millions of years to form. A diamond is a mineral compound made of pure carbon and is the hardest natural substance on the planet. Diamonds are so strong, they can only be cut or polished by another diamond. The name itself is derived from the Greek word “adamus,” which means “invincible.” Diamonds are typically colourless, but yellow, brown, green, grey, black, pink, blue, red, and purple stones can also be found along the diamond colour spectrum. Jewellery-grade diamonds are rated based on colour from bluish-white to yellow, and on clarity, which ranges from pure to various levels of flawed. Diamonds are measured in carats—the higher the carat weight and purity level of a stone, the more valuable the gem.


Known for its brilliant green colour, emerald can also have blue or yellow undertones and loses all colour when subjected to high heat. Their brittle exterior makes emeralds difficult to shape. The earliest emeralds were mined in Upper Egypt as early as 2,000 B.C. They were mined throughout the reign of Alexander the Great and were well-loved and collected by Cleopatra. The Aztecs and Incas also coveted emeralds, and the Moguls of India revered them so much they inscribed the gems with sacred text to be used to ward off evil. Historically, emeralds have been mined from Russia, Austria, Australia, and Norway. Today, the majority of emeralds are found in Brazil, Zambia, and Columbia.


The ruby is a pink to deep red precious gemstone. The name comes from the Latin word for red, ruber. Rubies are said to attract good luck for the wearer. Ancient Hindus believed rubies were a sign of protection from evil. Today, the ruby has come to symbolize love and passion. Rubies were also highly prized by ancient Chinese warriors who were known to wear rubies on their armour. Most rubies today are mined in Africa and Southeast Asia. The largest mined ruby weighing in at four pounds, the Liberty Bell Ruby, was stolen in a heist in 2011.


Sapphires come in a variety of colours, but are mostly associated with blue hues. A sapphire of another colour, like pink, white or yellow, is generally called a fancy sapphire. The blue sapphire represents peace and serenity. It is seen many times in ancient religious writing to symbolize purity, wisdom, loyalty and faith. Sapphires are mined throughout Africa and Asia, but can be found in Australia and the U.S.