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our business focus


Trading of various bulk tangible commodities from agriculture to minerals and metals and energy products.


Exploration to drilling, extraction and refining, through to storage, transportation and delivery.


From exploration to extraction and refining of various precious metals minerals and stones for use in industry and investment.


Design and build of various infrastructure projects ranging from commercial to light and heavy industrial use.


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Avalon in brief

Integrity in business, a truly global network, innovation and teamwork are at the center of who we are. As a young company, for more than 16 years, together with many more years combined experience, we have focused on leveraging these assets to deliver solutions that improve our focus and performance time and time again.

With over 400 staff operating in every major continent, with a continual drive towards growth and performance, we anticipate that Avalon Trade & Investment Group as a group will continue to thrive within any economic climate, coupled with our unique strategy, will provide the platform for viable and distinctly measurable and sustainable growth.

We believe that with the rapid move towards globalization, more and more organizations will soon realize the benefits of working within the international arena, hence why we are leading the way towards a more stable, structured approach towards international business, within all sectors of our core business.

The secret to the strength of Avalon lays in our diversity and ability to encapsulate a variety of sectors simultaneously in order to maximize on our commercial success. Watching how a mining project can lead to building of refineries and the deployment of wealth into the region for regeneration of industry and commerce paving the way to economic prosperity is an incredible feature we see occurring time and time again.