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Commodities Trading

Avalon is a rapidly growing source for sugar, rice, wheat, barley, corn, coffee, tea and many other agricultural based produce. With agricultural producer partners located strategically around the globe, your shipments are guaranteed to be regular and reliable, in bags or bulk. Avalon as a prominent supplier group, can assure you the very best in quality. We appreciate the importance in today’s climate to partner with a reliable source who can show performance, and will endeavor to assist you as much as we can.

With the onset of global warming resulting in food shortages, as well as international political instability, resulting in the steady climb of fuel and delivery costs, add to that the predicted global population growth, this can only result in issues of inflated prices, and heightened risks when ordering in bulk. With Avalon, and it's strategically based partners we can offer quality assurance every time. With long term and established relationships, Avalon will ensure you are provided with not only the best global prices which are usually well below stock market value, but additionally a solid record of performance from a reliable global supply chain.

Our agricultural shipments start from 10,000 metric tonnes and can be offered globally depending on supply, via spot shipment, high seas (where applicable) or generally preferred contractual basis. For a more detailed understanding of all of our commodities take a look at the our commodities main menu above.


At any one time, thousands of tonnes of agricultural produce is being shipped globally. We pride ourselves in offering a vast array of high quality produce internationally. Working with a select group of shipping organisations, we ensure a timely delivery from loading of ships to port of discharge anywhere around the world. Our well-developed capabilities in sourcing, logistics, and financing, as well as the strategic partner program and the expertise we’ve developed across Avalon ensure you a flawless execution, every time.