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Infrastructure Projects

Avalon Trade & Investment Group is proud to announce that it has officially started its construction / infrastructure development division, 'Avalon Infrastructure' a wholly owned subsidiary of Avalon Trade & Investment Group, coupled with our global network, Avalon Infrastructure considers itself a vertically integrated construction powerhouse, engaging in building construction and civil engineering operations as well as other peripheral operations such as foundation work, site investigation, mechanical and electrical engineering, highway and bridge construction, ready-mixed concrete, pre-cast production and infrastructure investment and development.

Together with the strength of our partners, Avalon Infrastructure is now considered among the most advanced construction infrastructure groups around the world, Involved with the development of Buildings, Port Works, Roads and Drainage, Bridges, Site Formation, Electricity and Power generation, Refineries, Waterworks, Land piling and much more.

Within any given construction or infrastructure project, Avalon Infrastructure plays an active role within the industry by means of its sound and quality management, and has core capabilities within mastering high quality and technically advanced projects. With our current global partnerships, we are considered to posses over 30 years of expertise, accumulating copious amounts of experiences and prominent capabilities. Projects undertaken range from building works of public housing, private residential, office / commercial, industrial, hospital institutions, educational and cultural facilities, hotels, public institutions such as International Airport Passenger Terminal Buildings; to civil engineering works of site formation, highways, bridges, reclamation and tunnel projects; as well as piling, mechanical and electrical engineering works, power stations and refineries.

Drawing on the sound experiences we have gained, Avalon Infrastructure has been active in extending our reach across regional boundaries and succeeded in spreading the wings of our construction businesses internationally. Over the last period, Avalon Infrastructure has been tireless in building its three major regional business platforms covering China, the Middle East and Central Asia.

Avalon Infrastructure strives keen efforts in achieving high standard of quality, environmental and safety management, and has through our partners internationally recognized certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications.

With advanced building technology, management, planning and co-ordination capabilities, and coupled with centralized purchasing and comprehensive distributed system, Avalon Infrastructure is committed to continuous research and development of new construction techniques and methods. These have effectively enhanced the construction formulas, resulting in increased cost benefits and well-positioning our group for long-term business development.