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Mining Sector

Avalon Trade & Investment Group is pleased to announce the launch of it's mining division through it's wholly owned subsidiary of Avalon Mining. Following the recent merger with our partner groups, we have successfully established a mining operations group which are capable of both domestic as well as international mining operations. Our current operations for mining are located at key locations in South America and Africa and the Middle East.

Avalon Mining covers all industry segments from precious metals mining, base metals mining, coal mining, bulk mining, with all additional operational and engineering process and services required to complete the tasks in hand.

Our mining group can operate hand in hand with our energy group namely Avalon Energy for the purposes of oil exploration, however focus our operations independently with some of the worlds most prominent geological experts utilizing the latest technology in geological and geographical mapping systems to ensuring the highest quality results.

We are aware of the various challenges posed to mine owners or individuals who wish to develop mining projects, that typically must deal with highly variable raw materials, often with sparse data available to predict and plan for variations. Safety is paramount and miners must stay safe, thus the size and complexity of machinery and the use of explosives and hazardous reagents mean that Avalon Mining actively manage all high levels of risk.

Avalon Mining additionally can ensure product consistency and quality by coordinating geologists, engineers, metallurgists, logistical, and maintenance engineers and additionally manage complex assets in remote locations when production and profitability relies on predictable asset availability.

Mining is considered a technically difficult and high-risk industry. Avalon Mining understands that mines require reliable solutions they can count on to achieve the work, That’s why Avalon Mining has built specialized solutions that span the entire spectrum of mining processes from exploration to outbound logistics to sales and asset management.