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Trade Procedures

As a professional brokerage house, AvalonTrade Limited adheres to the highest standards of professional trade and corporate governance. Within the industry we claim our place as one of the few professionals who adhere to the correct methodologies for the trade of international physical commodities and services globally. For this purpose, in order to eliminate the wasting of time and valuable resources we would like to make very clear what our standard trading processes are to ensure that any business activities we engage in are smooth and clear without any misunderstandings or errors.

As professionals, Avalon adheres strictly to the principles and rulings the CRT whom we are accredited by as well as the guidelines of UCP600 (Uniform Codes of Practice) as recognised by all leading banking and financial institutions around the world. Following these guidelines we not only ensure that all legal requirements of our trades are fulfilled but also that those standards are recognized with the recommendations set by the CRT (Commission of Registered Traders) for the facilitation of International Trade. As such, Avalon's brokers are all accredited and recognized by the CRT (Commission of Registered Traders) which governs the actions of all of our trade operations within the guidelines and recommendations of internationally recognized documentation.


As a policy, AvalonTrade Limited does not deal with the following types of paperwork commonly recognized in circulation on the internet: LOI's, ICPO's, FCO's, NCND's, MFPA's, RWA's, BCL's These types of paperwork are not acceptable or recognized by AvalonTrade Limited not considered as acceptable means of trade.


Avalon will only pay commission to its own brokers. Under no circumstances will Avalon entertain the payment of commissions through it's trades to non Avalon brokers, as such no pay orders, or any other such documentation is issued or promised otherwise. We abide strictly to AML laws and will only use our own designated commercial lawyers and bank officers to instruct our banks for any for of payments.


All Avalon brokers have unique broker Identification numbers, and as such can be easily identified as genuine. Furthermore, all Avalon brokers will only communicate with our clients via genuine Avalon email address's. Under no circumstances will a Avalon broker use a non Avalon email address to communicate.


Avalon will only issue their own contracts to initiate any possible trades and all terms and conditions within those contracts are final and not subject to amendments. We will work only with respective buyers / sellers and as such will not work with individuals or groups calling themselves mandates, facilitators, gate keepers, non-CRT accredited brokers, or any other type of individual.

Ethical Policy

Please note that Avalon will strictly not under any circumstances engage in the trade of any materials that could reasonably or potentially be deemed as dangerous such as firearms, explosives, or any type of radioactive material, such as cathodes or otherwise anything considered to be within the category of dangerous substances. We furthermore will strictly not trade with any cash to cash transactions, or any transaction that fails our initial due diligence process. We actively report to the relevant authorities any activity we suspect of being fraudulent or involved in dishonest or illicit behavior. We in addition do not engage within the trade of IQD (Iraqi Dinar) or any other such currency exchange programs currently popularly being discussed online.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any further questions in relation to our procedures or trade processes. We will be pleased to answer any questions or concerns and happily discuss them with you.